Next Plant Sale is Sat. 19 October 2024

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Twenty Years On – Walcott Garden 2003-2024

We purchased our block of land in the suburb of…

Needle-leaved Mistletoe Amyema cambagei

Wednesday Walkers were-pleasantly pleased to find-Amyema cambagei on River Oak-Casuarina…

Rendezvous Creek Namadgi National Park

Eight of us met at the Rendezvous Creek carpark and…

Daytime Activities Group

Illawarra Grevillea Park Botanic Gardens,Menai Wildflower Groupand Mt Annan Botanic…

Bouldering at Bluetts Block

Thirteen of us met for the last walk in July,…

A Rooting Hormone or Honey for Native Plant Stem Cuttings?

Honey is a much-vaunted rooting stimulant when applied to stem…

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Challenges of managing Top Hut Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR) for biodiversity conservation: The story so far ….

Challenges of managing Top Hut Travellin...

5 min Read

July – Andrew Z & Margaret N (1)

3,000 of our vascular native plants have no public photo available

3,000 of our vascular native plants have...

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May – Tom Mesaglio with pics

Where to buy native plants in Canberra

Where to buy native plants in Canberra

10 min Read

Where to buy Oz plants 2024 DL folder

Plant a Variety of Herbs and Natives for Bee Forage

Plant a Variety of Herbs and Natives for...

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Scaevola 'Mauve Clusters' a great ground cover

Scaevola 'Mauve Clusters' a great ground...

3 min Read

  Scaevola “Mauve Clusters’ is one of a number of Sc...

Grevillea Lady O

Grevillea Lady O

4 min Read

    Grevillea ‘Lady O’ is a hybrid created by By...

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Public Events

19 October

Spring Plant Sale will be 19 October 2024

Gates open at 8:30 AM and then it is first come first served. Plant lists will be posted in Activities about 3 weeks before the sale

Clunies Ross St, Acton ACT 2601
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Day Activities Group

A range of activities including local native garden visits, workshops and art and cre...

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Wednesday Walks

Wednesday Walks are organised by a group of ANPS members who have a special interest ...

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Propagation Groups

ANPSC Members gather about once a month to propagate plants by cuttings and from seed...

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Monthly Meetings

ANPS Canberra Region meets at 7:30 pm on the second Thursday of each month except Jan...

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Field Trips

The ANPSC regularly conducts field trips to numerous sites and organisations around t...

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Biannual Plant Sales

NEXT PLANT SALE: Saturday 16 March 2024 at the ANBG parking lots. Gates open at 8:30 ...

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Plant Database

Over 2500 plants for the Canberra region

The ANPS Plant Database gives a description of over 2,500 plants suitable for this region. Most include horticultural requirements and photos.

Many are available at the society plant sales in spring and autumn.

Descriptions differ in two ways from those given elsewhere in Australia for the same plant. Where there is no mention of frost hardiness it means the plant will generally survive down to minus 7C. Also the plant sizes given are what can be expected in the Canberra region so may be only half that for more benign climates and soils.

Search the Database

Photo Credits: For permissions to download or use images in this database which are provided to ANPSC by photographers, please inquire via, specifying your purpose, plus plant name and a copy of the image.