A key aim of the Society (ANPS Canberra) is the conservation of Australian plants and their habitats.

Our Conservation sub-committee is in recess at present (February, 2013), yet various conservation work is carried out by both individual ANPS Canberra members and the Society.  We are committed to in-depth involvement in local, practical and larger-scale conservation projects.  If you can form a conservation sub-committee, please contact the Council.

ANPS Canberra is a member of the Conservation Council ACT Region (CC), “the leading voice protecting your local environment”.  The CC has a Biodiversity Working Group which meets monthly to discuss conservation issues and threats to natural areas.  Volunteer experts are involved in monitoring and research, advocacy and writing submissions.  Public and the CC staff hold regular meetings with ACT Government agencies.

ANPS Canberra has strong ties with the Australian National Botanic Gardens including links to the Gardens’ conservation programs.

ANPS Canberra monthly meetings provide many presentations with conservation messages.

View Our Conservation Submissions


ANPS Canberra member volunteers organise and hold twice-yearly WEED SWAPs.

They are also volunteer explainers at the Bush-Friendly Garden at Floriade in spring.

Both activities emphasise the damage caused by environmental weeds to natural ecosystems and publicise the need for these species to be removed from suburban gardens and give advice in alternative plant selections.

Wednesday Walks record native plants in nature reserves, Canberra Nature Park, private properties, National Parks and public land. Their plant list and flowering data is available on this website.

Many ANPS Canberra members have long-term commitments as Landcarers, Parkcarers and stewards of properties with conservation covenants, agreements and status.

ANPS Canberra promotes the use of local-provenance seeds and cutting material in revegetation projects on public and private land.

ANPS Canberra promotes science- and experience-based revegetation where ‘reading the landscape’ and making corresponding management decisions guide land-caring and conservation activities.

Many ANPS Canberra members are also members of groups such as Friends of Grasslands, ACT Catchment Groups, the Field Naturalists Association of Canberra, Greening Australia, National Parks Association ACT, Canberra Ornithologists’ Group and ACT Herpetologists’ Association (see Links).  These groups generate and promote the whole-of-landscape and natural history perspectives essential for the successful conservation of species and ecosystems.



The Society contributed to Are Your Garden Plants Going Bush? An illustrated listing of environmental weeds in the region.