The Australian Native Plants Society, Canberra Region Inc. (ANPSC) was established in 1962.  ANPS Constitution September 2018  The Society is a non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to the growing, conservation, preservation, promotion and appreciation of Australian native plants.
Our aims are:

To provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas on the horticulture of Australian native plants including cultivated varieties
To improve Australian native plants as garden subjects
To interest nurserymen in propagating and supplying native plants to the general public
To promote the conservation of Australian plants and their habitats
To promote the study of Australian native plants by sponsoring or engaging in scientific research

Events & Activities and study groups of ANPSA

We have a wide range of formal and informal activities involving large and small groups. This website has information about many of them. ANPS has a membership of over 200. It is affiliated with the Australian Native Plants Society Australia (ANPSA), and keeps in touch with its counterparts in the States through exchange newsletters and Journals, and through the ANPSA biennial Conference. Members also have the opportunity to participate in Australia-wide Study Groups that focus on particular genera or plant families, or on related horticutural matters or aspects.

Annual Plans and Reports

Annual Plan for the year 2024
ANPSC Plan 2023 – Report
Annual Plan for the Year 2023
Annual Plan for the Year 2022
ANPSC end year report against 2022 Annual Plan



Friends of ANPSC

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