Field Trips are organised by fellow ANPS members who are interested in viewing native plants in their natural environment, learning about local plants and enjoying the bush environment.  They are multi-day trips organised by an informal group of regular participants with a special interest in visiting different ecological communities containing an interesting array of different plants and other wildlife.

The trips involve overnight stays of one or more days at campsites and/or in other types of accommodation such as cabins in caravan parks or motels. Trips usually occur over a weekend (but not always, the timing tends to be set by that trip organiser) A program of daily walks and/or car crawls is organised for Saturday and Sunday; participants usually arrive on a Friday and depart on a Monday but other options are possible. Often one trip a year is a longer excursion to a more distant area of interest involving a week or more away.

Daily walks are generally easy ones along bush tracks (max 10km) although some may be cross-country in more open areas and some may involve easy ascents. Car crawls are along bush tracks where 4 WD is recommended because of clearance.

Participants need to contact the organiser, advertised in Bulletins and by e-mails, to notify them of their attendance and to check whether the trip is suitable for them. It is important that all participants are familiar with and understand the Field Trip Guidelines (please see “Our Policies” on the home page)  covering the walks so that they understand their responsibilities.

All ANPS members are welcome to join a trip – no expertise is required.