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That’s somewhat of a weed problem…now THAT’S a real weed problem

By Stephen Saunders, President, ANPSC

February 2024

From 2024, ANPSC has consented to de-list the native and near-local Snowy River Wattle Acacia boormanii from its plant sales, as it has caused localised problems around Mount Majura.

Clearly, it’s not the most serious animal- or plant- pest problem in the Parliamentary Triangle, Canberra Nature Park, ACT Urban Landscape, or ACT Rural Lands, but there are plenty of other (local) wattles that can be planted in Canberra and will do fine, without yet causing problems.

Members who are seriously concerned about the spread of exotic weed species may be interested in the following article, which indicates a nationally serious plant-trade problem that is very much harder to intercept:

Exposing Australia’s online trade in pest plants by Jacob Maher and Phill Cassey

(Extract from The Conversation, September 8, 2023)

Do you buy plants online? You might be breaking the law without even knowing it.

We found hundreds of different invasive plants and prohibited weeds advertised on a popular online marketplace.

For the first time, our research has exposed the frequent, high volume trade in pest plants across Australia.

State and territory governments are adopting our automated surveillance approach to help regulate the online trade in plants and other wildlife. Biosecurity officers can receive automatic alerts for suspected illegal trade, rather than manually monitoring websites or relying on reports from the public.

Water hyacinth is considered the world’s worst water weed. KEEP GOING, Shutterstock

Read the full article on The Conversation at:

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