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Bouldering at Bluetts Block

By Words: Peter Chandler

Sept 2023

Wednesday Walkers at Bluetts Block; Photo: Gail Ritchie Knight

Thirteen of us met for the last walk in July, including two birders. The weather was superb, and Robert Gibbon led us around the site with which he is familiar. The walk included dryish forest, some grasslands and rocky outcrops at the tops of hills.

Leucopogon attenuatus; Photo: Peter Chandler
Lunch in the warmth; Photo: Rob Gibbon
Atop the rocks; Photo: Gail Ritchie Knight

A highlight was morning tea in the sun, surrounded by flowering Leucopogon attenuatus, while listening to the calls of grey currawong (thanks Sherie and Sandra) and kookaburras. The site has good diversity, with about 140 plant species recorded. We saw 39 of these, and a further 5 that were new to the list (Acrotriche serrulata, Chrysocephalum apiculatum, Eucalyptus melliodora, Olearia lirata and Poa myonectes). The orchid spotters reported 3 IDs of non-flowering plants in the Pterostylis alliance: Bunochilus sp, Diplodium sp and Oligochaetochilus sp. Thanks Rob for leading the walk.

Hovea heterophylla; Photo: Gail Ritchie Knight
Brachyloma daphnoides;Photo: Gail Ritchie Knight
Rob amongst Eucalyptus macrorhyncha; Photo: Gail Ritchie Knight
Bunochilus-Pterostylis sp_in front of Eucalyptus rossii; Photo: Gail Ritchie Knight
Acacia gunnii; Photo: Gail Ritchie Knight
Cryptandra floribunda; Photo: Peter Chandler

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