Decide what features you want:

(from the book: Australian Plants for Canberra region gardens)

1. Decide what features you want in your garden

·         Low maintenance garden

·         Place for children to play, recreational areas

·         Space for a vegetable/fruit garden

·         Formal design with rooms and a tidy look

·         Natural looking garden that flows from one area to another

·         Water feature, birdbath

·         Area(s) for showing off artwork/sculpture

·         Bird attracting garden

·         Private areas that screen you from your neighbours

·         BBQ/entertainment area for outdoor eating etc

·         Garden to show off certain special/favourite plants

·         Vistas that use your garden and some “borrowed” landscape in the distance

·         Work area for mulch piles, compost piles etc

Even in a small space, it is possible to have a number of the above features but it takes planning and thought.