Study groups fall within the ambit of our national body, Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) or ANPSA.

The groups are an important feature of ANPSA.

They provide a unique opportunity for members to acquire and share detailed knowledge of a plant genus, a plant family or other grouping, an ecological community or horticultural techniques.

18 Active Study Groups

At present there are 18 active groups.

Each study group consists of a leader and members throughout Australia (or the world) who communicate by mail or email.


Members collect information on the plants under study and forward observations or reports to the leader who collates the information for the Study Group Newsletter.  An extensive collection of past newsletters is available at the Study Group website.  Some Study Groups have a living collection of plants and a seedbank to which members have access.

No particular skills are required to join a study group, just a willingness to observe, learn, and participate in a cooperative enterprise.

Membership of study groups is available only to members of the Australian Native Plants Society, Canberra Region Inc. or any other ANPSA-affiliated Regional Society.

Some memberships are free or you may need to pay a small subscription fee.

To learn more about a particular Study Group or to join a study group, go to the ANPSA Study Group page and contact the leader of the group that interests you.

Two of the Study Groups have Leaders who are members of ANPS Canberra: