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4 min read | by Ben Walcott, Updated 06/09/2020

We are offering plants selected for Canberra garden conditions.  These plants are propagated and grown in Bruce based on over 30 years’ experience with Australian native plant gardening in Canberra.

We specialise in colourful forms of kangaroo paws selected from Canberra-raised plants of Anigozanthos flavidus; hardy, local grassland plants; and easy to grow rock orchids suitable for Canberra conditions.

All plants are $5 each, in 70 mm (small) and 90 mm (medium) square pots.  Most of the plants available this spring are in 90 mm pots including all kangaroo paws.  At this price, the minimum order is 10 plants.

Descriptions for many of our plants are found in our book, Australian Plants for Canberra Region Gardens.

Our plants are found in the member growers’ list or found through the following link:  . gossanhillnatives_plantlist

Place your order by email to, including your name and plant selection with the numbers for each plant chosen.


Correct cash only please when you pick up your plants from our location in Bruce within 1 week of your order.  Please bring cardboard boxes or bags for your plants.


Thank you,

John and Masumi

Gossan Hill Natives


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